Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Falling asleep reading about crime and sentencing. Meanwhile, a friend boards a plane to Europe, her Macbook in hand. Another friend saunters into work, alas Mumbai hasn't taken all our call centres.

I wake up on the couch. Textbook across the chest... my surf rock playlist still churning it out; I think it's Death Tube by Dick Dale. Throw open my laptop to find my friend logged into facebook, on layover for an hour (a typical trans-atlantic experience). We exchange pleasantries, chit chat from different timezones; She convinces me she is contacting me from the future. All of a sudden, my other friend pops on, it is 5am mind you. He is on a call with an irrate french customer, and we chat about this and that. I relate to friend (b) what friend (a) is up to. Friend (a) has other mutli-national conversations on the go. All of us, enjoying several different media all the while.

My shaved apedness can't wrap its head around it. Though I understand and accept it. I'm tricked into believing they are just next door, or around the corner. Perhaps this is what the first users of telephones felt.

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